European Student Colloid Conference
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ECIS organizes biannually meetings of advanced students at PhD and MSc level who are undertaking research in the area of colloid and interface science at a European University. These meetings are intended for students to present their work to their peers and to interact both scientifically and socially. Apart from a few invited senior lecturers, meetings are restricted to PhD students, who have not yet submitted their theses, and to MSc students. Presentations may be either oral or poster, but oral presentations are usually restricted to students in the later stages of their project. At the last European Student Colloid Conference in Florence, Italy (June 2017), 123 students from 26 countries attended the meeting. This included 4 countries from outside Europe (Japan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Kazakhstan).


In 2019, the meeting will take place in Varna, Bulgaria, 18-22 June, and is organized by the Sofia University.

  • Surfactants, micelles, self-assembly

  • Interfacial phenomena and adsorption

  • Surface forces, liquid films, interactions in colloids

  • Theoretical modeling and computer simulations of colloids

  • Colloidal dispersions, foams, emulsions, suspension

  • Polymer solutions, gels and phase behavior 

  • Biomedical aspects of colloids



Plenary Speakers

Brian Vincent

University of Bristol, UK
Topic: “Microgels: Fundamentals and Application”

Reinhard Miller

Max-Plank Institute, Potsdam/Golm, Germany
Topic: “Interfacial Phenomena and Adsorption”

Nikolai Denkov

Sofia University, Sofia, Bulgaria
Topic: “Self-shaping of oily drops: control, mechanisms, importance”

Tatiana Gambaryan‐Roisman

TU-Darmstadt, Germany
Topic: “Porous Materials: Wetting, Imbibition and Evaporation”

Tommy Horozov

University of Hull, UK
Topic: “Solid Particles at Liquid Interfaces and Their Applications”

Lucio Isa

ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Topic: “Tailored Assembly of Colloids at Fluid Interfaces”

Jordan Petkov

Global Head R&D Consumer Product Ingredients (CPI), Consumer Health, Lonza
Topic: “The Intricacies of Science done in Industrial Environment”

Simeon Stoyanov

Senior scientist Unilever R&D and visiting professor at Uni Wageningen, NL, UCL, UK, and NCSU, USA
Topic: “Innovation under constraints – vice or virtue ”

Peter Kralchevsky

Sofia University, Sofia, Bulgaria
Topic: “Giant Wormlike Micelles in Multicomponent Surfactant Solutions”


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