The aim of the ESC 2019 Conference is to bring advanced students (PhD and MSc) from different countries to a single platform to converge their expertise and ideas in the interdisciplinary field of colloidal and interface science. The topics will cover fundamental and applied advances in the fields of interfaces, disperse systems, complex fluids, micro- and nano-engineered materials and devices formed by naturally occurring or synthesized elements: surfactants, polymers, proteins, particles.

        We summarize the very many fields of colloid science in the following general topics:


  • Surfactants, micelles and self-assembly

Self-assembly of surfactants, lipids, peptides, proteins and polymers. Supramolecular polymers.


  • Interfacial phenomena and adsorption

Adsorption. Wetting and adhesion. Microdroplets and Microfluidics. Mono- and multilayers. Characterization and modification of surfaces. Porous media.


  • Surface forces, liquid films, interactions in colloids

Surface forces. Thin films. Electric surface phenomena. Confined colloids near interfaces. Hydration phenomena. Coatings.


  • Colloidal dispersions, foams, emulsions, suspensions

Suspensions. Colloid aggregation and coalescence. Colloidal glasses. Dissolution and nucleation in colloidal systems. Nanomanipulation of colloids. Active colloids. Peptides and proteins. Particle structure and interactions. Biocolloids.


  • Polymer solutions, gels and phase behavior

Synthetic and biological polymers and polyelectrolytes. Supramolecular polymers. Interactions and phase behavior. Polymer gels. Supramolecular gels. Dynamics, rheology and mechanics.


  • Theoretical modeling and computer simulations of colloids


  • Biomedical aspects of colloids

Bioinspired and biomimetic material. Drug delivery. Encapsulation. Controlled release. Nanotoxicology.

Biofilms and fouling.


Scientific Committee
  Prof. Brian Vincent
  Prof. Peter Kralchevsky
  Prof. Krassimir Danov
  Prof. Nikolai Denkov
  Prof. Slavka Tcholakova
  Prof. Theodor Gurkov
  Assoc. Prof. Krastanka Marinova
  Dr. Zahari Vinarov
  Dr. Svetoslav Anachkov